About Us

The Implementation Team (I-Team) has been formed through DTFP funding to provide implementation advice and support to Health Region addictions and mental health quality improvement initiatives.  The I-Team also provides a knowledge exchange function to assist with the effective introduction, implementation and maintenance of evidence-based practices in the Health Regions.  The I-Team members include Jolene McLeod (PAPHR; partner Regions: PNHR, KTHR) and Karen Mason (PAPHR; partner Regions: KYHR, MCRHR, AHA ), Ruth Mireau (SHR; partner Region: Heartland), Colette Beaubien (FHHR; partner Region: Cypress), Katherine Storey (RQHR), Kara Molnar (SRHR; partner Region: SCHR), Dave Hedlund and John McCallum (DTFP Project Managers). The I-Team has adopted the Implementation Science framework to assist Health Regions with implementation of priority initiatives.  Implementation Science is an evidence-based approach to planning, initiating and maintaining effective practices.  Please click on the Implementation Science tab for more information.